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Well, welcome. I know the graphics of this site is a little ‘pain but sorry, I am a programmer not a graphic designer.
On the other hand, however, it is a missile, really very fast (click here to view a lighthouse test). I use it basically to test functions and server configurations and other strange experiments so I don’t care about the design.
Now I write only two more lines to explain in general what is behind a work on web performance.
More or less it is like an orchestra, everything must be perfect and it is hard work to get excellent results.
It’s like turning a subcompact car into a racing car and obviously a lot of work and time is needed. The programming code is almost all written by hand without using plugins.

To understand what the WPO (Web Performance Optimization) consists of, it is necessary to understand what are all the aspects that influence it, which are specifically: hardware (virtual/real), cloud servers location map, network bandwidth, application complexity, memory consuption, response time of databases and service providers, user/client load.
A web consultant takes care of all these aspects in addition to organic indexing.

What I do ?
I deal with web consulting for small and medium-sized companies. I help companies on the choice of hardware / software infrastructure which, more and more, orient towards the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) or PaaS (Platform as a Service) as: Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services and also about the choice of the Content Management System (CMS), about the creation and optimization of web content according to what are the optimal loading standards indicated by google (less than 3 seconds under fast 3G network) as well as the organic indexing on search engines.
I am in charge of training the personnel responsible for publishing content on CMS (front-end development best practice: html5, css3, javascript), this is because it is not enough, for the purposes of performance, the only optimization of the CMS but it is necessary that those who publish the contents know the most performing front-end development techniques.

This web site doesn’t use cookies, doesn’t use google analytic. About the geolocation of google map api, it depends if in your device or in your browser device the geolocation is active or not and this web site doesn’t collect geolocation data and can not be in any case responsible for privacy if google map collects this data or if your device has the geolocation active.
This web site is a web performance speed optimization demo. It has a my custom child theme set for the twentyseventeen default wordpress theme and also some php classes processed by me that deal with optimizing fonts, javascripts, css files, images. As for the hardware infrastructure it is the jetware optimized vm instance on google compute engine.