Hallo and welcome, about me ? Talking about oneself seems like something necessary, well …

I had a scientific background, I obtained a Master’s degree in business administration (years: 1995 – 1997). In 2001 I started to work at the same time both to the design and build of some important business process, I was involved in the collaboration with the software house company that was developing the company management software (ERP), during the start up of the sales and distribution branch of a well-known and historical Italian winery production company and also as EDP (data processing) & managerial controller for about five years. In 2006 afterwards I am passionate about web programming, I attended a two-year LAMP theoretical and practical specialization course to become a full stack web developer.

Since 2008 I contributed and continue to do so, through php class publications with Php Classes dot org.
Php Classes is a real gym for passionate of Php programming language. Compared to other Learning Management System platforms on the web, on this, weekly, are published classes in php and see how other PHP developers solve problems and implement projects that sometimes are really innovative.
Publications of August 2018
when I write programming code, sometimes it happens to feel like a sensation, almost a magic, it doesn’t always happen though, it’s like empathizing with the functions I’m writing and the functions tell me what they need to work better.
I don’t know how to describe this feeling better. I believe that programming is a magical and meditative art.

I have an innate propensity to problem solving that has been invigorated and refined especially during the years of the Master’s degree and that I have always applied in the field of my profession and sometime also to the unpredictability of life events. In this regard, I share the thought of the philosopher Karl Popper, who maintains that life consists of problems to be solved and therefore that learning to solve problems means learning to live.