How to lose 17 pounds, more or less 8 kilograms, of weight in 4 weeks, diet for lazy people

Starting an editorial on good food and “la dolce vita” with an article about diet for lazy people is certainly not nice but it makes sense. And yes, because if we want to enjoy delicious and tasty food and exotic cocktails and drinks, without remorse of conscience, it is a good idea to be fit with our weight.

You probably, first, searched the internet for Adele’s diet and the sirtfood diet, and what is golo diet or cico diet,
pegan diet, optavia diet, yes or not ?

Okay, got it. I bet if you are here it is because you are lazy like me and you don’t want to be stressed about weighing every food you eat, yes or not ?

This is a direct testimony, experienced on myself that I am 52 years old, I now weigh 75 kg, I am 1.80 meters tall and I have not done sports for about 10 years. In the past time I have done a lot of sports and training, boxing, martial arts, swimming, snow boarding but now I have become very lazy and I love being in my pajamas all day at home.

Let’s start from the beginning to tell this experience.
After about eight years of insomnia and nighttime snacking, at one point I found myself at the age of 52 with a little overweight, 8 kg more (17 pounds).

I always woke up around 4.00 in the morning to observe sunrises. During the day I was always tired and obviously I ate and did not exercise. I had to solve this problem of morning insomnia before any diet.
If you don’t eat and sleep, science says you practically die.

After watching a video on Ted dot com, for those interested on the subject I have entered below,
on the effects of caffeine, which explained how it inhibits adenosine and how it practically replaces it,
I completely eliminated caffeine and theine by substituting decaffeinated coffee and decaffeinated tea.
Well, after 15 days without caffeine, I finally went back to sleep.

I weighed 83 kg (183 pounds) with a height of 1.80 MT and wanted to reach my target weight of 75 kg (165 pounds) again.
I had read about interval fasting or intermittent fasting.
I tried for a while and by eating everything and more I didn’t gain weight but I didn’t lose weight.

The good thing about intermittent fasting is that you can eat like a bear, whatever you want the only thing is that you have to have one meal at 8.00 in the morning and another at 8.00 in the evening with a 12 hour total fasting interval.
During this 12 hour interval, only water.
With these rules I ate everything I wanted and didn’t take even a gram.

But I wanted to lose weight and being lazy I didn’t want to spend days working hard in the gym.

At this point, always maintaining the 12 hours of fasting between 8.00 in the morning and 8.00 in the evening, I eliminated and reduced some foods for 4 weeks.

Now let’s see which foods I have eliminated and which I have reduced.

Basically I completely eliminated white sugar, brown sugar, jam, honey, sweets, sugary drinks, alcohol, wine, beer, I kept fruit for both breakfast and dinner and I reduced carbohydrates (80 grams for day of pasta or bread or rice: 40 grams in the morning and 40 grams in the evening), for the rest I ate everything, meat, fish, cheeses, fruit, soups, oil, butter, eggs, salads, without the stress of having to weigh everything every time.

It was a bit tough at the beginning, the first two weeks you suffer a little during the 12-hour interval but the game is worth the candle.

Sometimes, after a couple of weeks and a few kilos less, between one day and another, weighing myself, I saw oscillations of one or two kilos more but this is completely normal, the important thing is to continue.

The positive thing is that you always eat what you want, the only food to weigh are carbohydrates that must not exceed 80 grams per day and eliminate sugars, alcohol, sweets, sugary drinks, jams, honey completely.

Now I am 75 kilograms and I continue with interval fasting but of course I have added carbohydrates, various sugars, sweets and more, I do not take a gram and no gyms, fitness and other very tiring things.

It is important to drink at least 1.0 / 1.5 liters of water during the 12 hours of fasting.

Try it for yourself dear lazy friends.

I would also post pictures of how I was before and how I am now but I love privacy.

P.S. Before starting any diet it is a good idea to consult your doctor.

Ted dot com video about caffeine and adenosine by Hanan Qasim.

11:24 am, Sun, March 21, 2021

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