Works in progress:

Case: TRJ Corporate WebSite

The Trj company needed to reach the target of mobile users in Italy and Malta.
So the company needed a CMS optimized in terms of page loading speed.
Service level agreement: latency foreach page on 4G network <= 3 seconds in Italy and Malta.

Building of Trj new corporate web site and CMS Performace Optimization,
with wireframe and mockup supplied by Trj and as service level agreement a latency foreach page <= 3 seconds on 4G network in Italy and Malta.

Build on google compute engine, jetware vm instance optimized lemp stack php7.

VMachine: 1 vCPU, 3,75 GB of memory ram, Hd SSD 10 GB,
Content Encoding: gzip on Nginx Server
Server Cache: SQL Memcached
Browser Cache: on Nginx Server
CMS: WordPress
Functionality: vm instance configuration and optimization, customization through child theme functions; theme layout, graphic, graphic animations, fonts, slide shows, image gallery, player video, etc, etc, builded and developed in pure js, css and html 5, no plugins, no framework; removed jQuery from frontend and recompile all jQuery dependency functions; js and css minify; lazy loading; images optimization; CMS optimization php backend functions and lightening of the WordPress CMS from all those unnecessary and unused functions.

Training of the TRJ company staff about WPO, front end programming code, image optimization, CMS classic html editor.

Trj Home Page Speed Test , speed test on the heaviest page.
Trj Contact Page Speed Test, speed test on the lightest page.

After the first month since the new optimized corporate website and CMS were launched online, mobile users have reached the 51.5%, source: google analytics, week June 16 – June 22, 2019, and have surpassed desktop users: 46,4%.
At June 22, 2019 the trend is a 9.6% increase for each week of mobile users.

Test for Trj: Google Cloud Storage Plugin – Wp Stateless


In counter-trend where, for reasons of time, developers don’t write code anymore, out of passion, part of our activity is dedicated to research and experimentation in order to innovate in the field of programming.

Innovation: Php Curl Extension

We have recently improved a function of the Php Curl Extension. Very important because it allows communication with the REST APIs which was awarded as winner in August 2018 at PHP Innovation Award.

Sustainability Concept: Interoperable Browser Cache

A new sustainable browser cache management policy to reduce CO2 emissions.