Who is Leath Bhrogan?

The leprechaun is a kind of gnome typical of Irish folklore and mythology.
Is Ireland’s most popular elf, also known as Leath Bhrogan. For him, many leave a glass of milk on the windowsill. The portrait of him is in all the shops and stores, and it is his mask that opens the parades on St. Patrick’s Day. He is a cobbler elf (in Irish Leath Bhrogan, or cobbler of a single shoe) and when he is not working he is dedicated only to making jokes. Above all, he makes fun of misers and builds brilliant traps for thieves.

The Leprechauns seem to live in solitude and guard a pot full of gold hidden at the base of the rainbow. Legends have made this elf one of the most popular symbols of St. Patrick’s Day.

Legend has it that the leprechauns lived with the other members of the so-called Little People (fairies, gnomes and other types of goblins …) in Ireland before the arrival of the Celts. For this reason the pre-Celtic places of worship (the stone circles that can be found in large numbers on the island) are associated with this particular strand of mythology and were once considered the portals through which our world is he could connect with the spirit world inhabited by these and other creatures.

Solitary and shy creature, it differs from its nocturnal variant, the Clurichaune, which seems to love to party and get drunk in the moonlight. The favorite hobby of leprechauns is to repair shoes: they have a reputation as indefatigable and expert cobblers. They also seem to hide treasures that they jealously guard. Despite being solitary creatures, they are skilled in the art of eloquence and their cunning is superb.

An example? Legend has it that a young man, captured a leprechaun, forced him to reveal the location of his treasure. The elf led him into a field and pointed to a plant under which the gold lay hidden. The young man then tied a red ribbon to the plant, to recognize it among the many, and went to get a shovel, making the leprechaun promise that he would not remove the ribbon. The elf was up to his word: when the young man returned he found an infinity of identical ribbons on each plant in the field, which would have made it impossible to trace the place of the buried treasure.

Finally, it is believed that leprechauns may have magical powers, such as that of disappearing when not directly fixed. In conclusion, they are said to be not entirely good and not entirely bad creatures.

Well, it looks like he might be real and he’s been spotted.

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