Do you know why it is difficult for a war between atomic superpower countries to break out?
Do you know what atomic tests are for?
Well, in a nutshell, if I have more firepower it is difficult to be under enemy attack.

This is more or less the basic principle on which world peace is based.
This principle, when diplomacy fails, can be applied to many aspects of our life, including the problem of noisy neighbors.

People who do karaoke, children who run around the house at all hours, chairs and furniture that are dragged, all this must be remedied.

If you have kindly telephoned, sent good-natured notices, to your neighbors without obtaining any results, it is good to change your strategy unless you want to change apartment.
A lawsuit would be long, difficult and also very expensive.
Even having your walls completely soundproofed would be expensive and often the desired result is not achieved.

Now I explain how I solved it with 140$ U.S. dollars and I hope this can be useful for many.

First of all, we must not put ourselves in the wrong and avoid being denounced.
The law allows you to be able to make noises for small chores at home.
If I made noise with a hi-fi system I could be sued and I wouldn’t have the justification of the noise caused by some work in the house.

So, I went to a hardware store and bought an orbital sander.
You must know that there is nothing more noisy and unbearable than an orbital sander.
At this point, whenever the neighbors started making noise, I took my orbital sander, placed it almost adjacent to the neighbors wall, laid it obliquely on a mat, in order to avoid damaging the floor, I turned on the switch and I went out for a beer at the pub.

It will be the principle of action-reaction physics, it will be conditioned reflex, well everything worked very well, silence and peace reigned for a long time.

6:22 am, Sat, May 15, 2021

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