How much does a website designed for (*) mobile performances cost ?

The answer to this question is: it depends.

In the meantime, there are fixed costs for third-party professional services.

The first thing is the choice of a professional hosting whose costs average around 30 euros to 100 euros and more per month. This cost depends and planning at the design stage by establishing the level of scalability, depending on the maximum potential number of users and if they are located in one or more areas of the world. Many hosting companies offer flexible solutions for scalability.

Other third-party professional services may be required, related to website security, backup, professional email marketing and registration services, newsletters, CRM, online booking systems, professional e-commerce. And therefore costs for these services plus the costs related to integration via REST API or Plugin of these services.

After interviewing the client, understand the needs and its target, the art director or the graphic designer prepares the wireframes (pencil sketches) of the website pages.
In this phase the images, the gaps, the layout, the fonts, eventual graphic effects, the tree of the menu, the number of pages and the functionalities of the website are established, (*) the translations if the website must be in multiple languages, after this the website mockups are made. This phase has a cost related to the study and graphic design.

The desktop and mobile mockups of the website are delivered to the customer who approves them and once approved, the cost estimate for the development of the website is made. This depends on the hours required for programming.

Web programming and development costs are around 65 euros per hour plus taxes.

Web performance programming requires a great deal of knowledge in web performance optimization (WPO) and configuration of vm instances and cloud computing. Often it’s no possible to use third-party plugins and all the front-end and back-end programming code is produced by the developer. It’s no possible to use javascript framework or css framework if you want to achieve the loading performance set for the 4G mobile. For every website page a performance budget must be established. All this requires time and high professionalism which obviously has a cost. Professional and low cost are two incompatible things.

N.B. If the website is already in the development phase, after the customer has accepted the mockups, and the customer requests changes to the project, the customer will also have to bear the costs of the changes.

(*) Website designed for mobile performance is one only version of a responsive website with page loading performance on 4G network less than or equal to 3 seconds. So no native apps for mobile and not two versions of website but PWA (progressive web app for the website). Unique website for desktop and mobile with performance for mobile.

(*) With regard to multi languages websites, there are plugin solutions that do the translation, this is a non-professional and wrong SEO solution. For each language a different website must be created with a different domain name. this obviously increases the costs of hosting and development but it is the only correct solution.