Let’s talk about white hair, a psychological trauma for some men.
Yes it is true, perhaps for someone, white hair looks good but it doesn’t look good at all.
Well, there is no need to be alarmed, luckily we come to your aid we that, with a little courage, have undergone some homemade experiments.

The result we wanted to achieve was something that was as natural as possible, that didn’t radically upset the person’s appearance.
It would be catastrophic to leave the house and go to the office with completely black hair if the day before your hair was completely white like Santa Claus.

Here we had some failures before reaching the desired goal and someone had to remain locked up at home for about a month.
He tried to put everything in his head: flour, yeast, tons of conditioner, sodium bicarbonate, oxygenated water, he also tried with the active oxygen laundry detergent but nothing help him.

It’s true, you learn by making mistakes!

After this parenthesis we explain how to get salt and pepper colored hair, George Clooney style.

First we need to get: the color, a hairbrush with rounded tips and a brush.
For our experiment we used the hair color Biokap Nutricolor Delicate Natural Black 1.0
Where to buy

Do not follow the instructions contained in the biokap box and don’t ask your wife or other women for help, unless you want to repeat the bad experience of our friend and have completely black hair for about a month.
Instead, proceed as follows:

First of all cut your hair, 1.5/2.0 cm or less is good.

1) Press the tube and insert all the contents into the other transparent vial.

2) Shake well the vial to mix well. At this point, start the stopwatch and do what is described in the following points 3, 4, 5 within three minutes.

3) Unscrew the cap of the vial and pour it all into a container (a deep plate of paper or plastic is great).

4) With a brush, sprinkle the solution into the hairbrush, taking care to pass it only over the rounded tips of the the hairbrush.

5) At this point, start to pass the hairbrush over the hair going deeper. When it is necessary pass the brush again on the hairbrush.

6) Make shampoo and conditioner.

That’s all.

7:04 am, Fri, May 7, 2021

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