Web Performance Optimization

On the main page there are a list of variables that influences the web perfomance, the speed of loading a page on the web.

Let’s try to understand why and on which of these variables are dependent or independent on web project and what the actual work of a WPO consultant is.

WPO dependent’s variables

  • hardware (virtual/real)
  • application complexity
  • memory consuption
  • response time of databases and service providers
  • client server distance

WPO independent’s variables

  • network bandwidth
  • user/client load
  • time slots (of day, day of week, holidays, etc.)


The hardware is the machine (virtual or real) that hosts the web application. It has a disk that can be solid SSD (Solid State Drive) or HDD (Hard Disk Drive), one or more CPUs, and the Ram memory.

In cloud computing services, the resources: Hard Disk, CPU and RAM can be set, depending on the number of users, we can scale. Scalability can be manual or automatic, vertical and horizontal.

We scale manually and vertically when we increase or decrease or Hard Disk and/or CPU and/or RAM on a machine, we scale horizontally when we increase the number of machines.

Cloud computing services therefore offer a great advantage, in terms of computing power, flexibility and security. It is an important lever for the WPO where action can be taken.

Application Complexity, Memory Consuption, Response time of Databases.

These are the only other levers and even the most important ones where the web performance optimization consultant takes care.

Client Server Distance – Load Distance Balancing

Cloud computing allows to configure regions for instances, which will have to be chosen in relation to the proximity of web users. This setting can be automatic, virtual machines move close to users automatically, or manual.

Network Bandwidth

At the moment, if we want to realize a web project for everyone, the stardard, as bandwidth, is the 3G/4G network.

This is an infrastructure, which currently represents the bottleneck, that the developer cannot modify.

The meaning of mobile responsive is therefore not limited only to the size of the screen but also to the bandwidth’s standard (3G/4G network).

User Client load

Lighthouse, the tool used by google to simulate speed tests, takes into consideration the CPU and RAM user’s device throttling.

These throttling are a standard estimate, to simulate the loading of a page in a low-end device, that the developer takes into consideration but, a user may have, for example, while loading a web page, many open and running apps and this is obviously an independent factor that affects performance on that specific user’s device.

Time slots

Depending on the days or time slots, the speed test results may vary. This is because the network is like the city streets, there are days and times where there is more traffic and this is an independent variable on web project and on WPO.

There are, also, periods, where big companies, like Microsoft, release updates and, in these periods, PCs with Windows operating systems slow down.

Do a speed test while there is an update in progress on pc false the metric.

Therefore more speed tests must be performed during the day and at different times of the week and an average is calculated.

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